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ITIC Is Prepared To Help Nations Bring Forth A Healthier Tomorrow

With its corporate headquarter in Washington DC, 12 state-of-the-art controlling offices, regional administrative offices spread over the world, the ITIC professionals work in conjunction with the finance ministries, central tax departments and customs offices of its affiliated countries to stay consistent in the era of globalization. To back this oceanic enterprise of the International Tax and Investment Center, the distinguished fiscal institutions like World Bank, International Monitory Fund and equivalents accompanies the group since its inception. The self-governed advisory and educational community is equipped with above 100 global standard sponsors from all major industries who are supporting ITIC in successful implementation of its great methodologies.

Incepted in 1993, this non-profit enterprise is dedicatedly focused on providing research based deliverables to its 85 client nations toward modifications of necessary tax policies, GST, innovative business policies leading to open trade and on their effective implementation. The esteemed group has been operational through its offices located in the countries like Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, UAE, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and the US. Most convincingly, having been equipped with top professionals in its advisory pool, international organization and great sponsors, the International Trade and Tax Center has ready established its excellence and expertise in the international market. As stated by many experts that with the participation of both private and public sectors including tax payers and tax authorities in ITIC’s NEUTRAL TABLE approach is likely to bring revolutionary changes in global economy and business surroundings.

The No-Profit Making establishment has extremely skilled researchers, economists, business analysts and long experienced advisors in its decision making pool and has been performing with full vigor for more than 20 years on the globe. The community is aimed to bring forth reorganization in existing tax structure in such a way that can encourage and maximize investment possibilities which is the core of economical growth. It is assured that whoever appears in ITIC’s decision making can back to home with win-win solutions in their wallet.

Roles Played By ITIC

  • Analysis of existing Tax, Exercise and Trade Policies
  • Recommendation and Introduction of transparent international standard tax policies and its effective implementation
  • Room building for Investment potential and effective International trade
  • Error free restructuring of tax structure including GST and Indirect Taxes which should be consistent with the neighboring and overseas counties
  • Introduction of wholehearted, friendly and see-through governmental policies that can motivate international market
  • Superior standard cohesive business environment

Possible Outcomes of ITIC’s Endeavor

  • New possibilities, enhanced investment potential leading to better employment opportunities
  • Gradual and stable decline of Poverty line
  • Significant improvement in living standards
  • A complete change from the shadow economical phase to open, healthy and wide business sphere
  • Elimination of unlawful business practices
  • Fineness in livelihood with Steady Economy
  • Increase of Governmental Income

No wonder, with the worthy solutions provided by the advisory and education group, the name of the International Tax and Investment Center has become a popular name worldwide. The No Profit Making community is prepared to help nations to bring in a better tomorrow.